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The lure of doing business in China is strong but fraught with complexity.

You need an experienced China business consultant for China manufacturing and China sourcing, based in Portland, OR.

China Business Consulting from Portland, Oregon

When East meets West, choose the expert China business consulting firm, China Consultants Northwest, based in Portland, Oregon.

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Finding Suitable Partners

We research Chinese businesses to find ones with similar businesses interests as your company, and then we contact them to find out if they're interested in a partnership. It is also important to determine if the product lines or services are compatible. In addition, we arrange to transfer any preliminary documentation.

Travel Arrangements

If an American company and a Chinese company want to move ahead with a partnership, we set up the travel arrangements to and from China. Our staff lets you know what to expect when traveling internationally. We can take care of your travel arrangements. And we will accompany you to China, and arrange sightseeing.

Meeting Chinese Law Requirements

Our company keeps current on the latest developments in Chinese laws and business practices. It is our job to advise you about pitfalls or common problems. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

As problems or questions arise, we are there to help solve them. We are experienced in quality control, delivery, and other issues. Our owner has worked in the business since 1978 and is very familiar with the common problems, as well as possible resolutions.

Monitoring Partner Performance

We monitor whether your partner is meeting quality standards. Our experts analyze production sequencing, monitor and map production processes, and recommend and help them implement better business or manufacturing practices. In addition, we help find suppliers in China for sub-assemblies for the finished product.

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